Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Top 50 World Artists for 2020 puts Tamara L. Wilson on the Top of the Charts

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- It is with great pleasure that SDC RadioWorks presents this year's winner Ms. Tamara L. Wilson.  A native of Mesa, Arizona honors this year's Top 50 World Artists with the Number #1 position for 2020.  Ms. Wilson is truly one of the lights of the world with her inspirational music.  She has consistently recorded and released great music over the years, with SDC Radio One listeners choosing her as the top artist.  Competition is always one music note away from being the best for that moment or relegated to the pile of music that could have been great for that time period. Ms. Wilson is also the recipient of the much-coveted LEE ROGERS AWARD, who said ". . .There's product, and then there IS Product."  For over several decades from 1967 to 2020, SDC has delivered many artists from this great list, with the likes of Dolly Parton, Jason Isabell, Merrell Fankhauser, Rick Derringer, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Ormsby, Guest Who, and other great artists over the years.

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00:56- SDC Radio Flash Back
01:05- Biohazard - Chamber Spins Three 
04:47- SDC Radio Flash Back
04:56- The Mavericks - Dance The Night Away
09:18- SDC Radio Flash Back
09:27- 71 Spiders - Story Of My Life 
11:58- SDC No 10
12:12- Sarah Shoumer - Music
15:28- SDC No 9
15:41- Richard Feelgood - Frozen 
20:58- SDC No 8
21:11- Mark Ambuter - Love Is Everywhere
25:59- SDC Radio Flash Back
26:08- Cabela and Schmitt - DANCING SHOES
30:13- SDC Radio Flash Back
30:22- Lese Majesty - Age of Outrage  
33:53- SDC Radio Flash Back
34:02- Eileen Carey - Meet me Halfway
37:26- SDC No 7
37:40- Eric Val - Torn Open
41:16- SDC No 6
41:29- Crystal Clayton - 3AM
44:51- SDC No 5
45:04- Gabriel K - Not Ready For Goodbye
48:48- SDC Radio Flash Back
48:57- Kileza - Now You're Gone
52:41- SDC Radio Flash Back
52:50- Janet Manyowa - Ndomira Pamuri
58:26- SDC Radio Flash Back
58:35- Acey Gracey - Nimekutoka
61:51- SDC No 4
62:04- Michelle Walsh - Stumble
66:01- SDC No 3
66:15- Summer Payton - Therapy
69:13- SDC Radio Flash Back
69:22- Gregory Goodloe - And Then There's You
73:34- SDC Radio Flash Back
73:43- Dzeny ft Ruz - Dreamin bout this
75:48- SDC Radio Flash Back
75:57- L.A. Carpool - Do It Again
80:36- SDC No 2
80:56- Manuela Rufolo - Domani
84:01- SDC No 1 show 1
84:13- SDC No 1
84:46- Tamara L Wilson - Freedom Flame


00:53- SDC Radio Flash Back
01:02- The Fintons - Back Street
04:46- SDC Radio Flash Back
04:55- Vessie Simmons - You're Everything I Need 
09:42- SDC Radio Flash Back
09:51- RG's All Nite Funk Band Ft Dianne Anderson - Thousand Shadows
16:25- SDC No 20
16:34- Denise LaSalle & Karen Wolfe - Shake A Little Something
20:47- SDC No 19
20:57- Dubvisionist & Sista Sherin - Jah Music
24:34- SDC No 18
24:44- Joey Stuckey Trio - Troubles Come In Threes 
28:18- SDC Radio Flash Back
28:27- Prentiss Anderson - For All We Know 
31:49- SDC Radio Flash Back
31:58- Sara Melody - Stand Back featuring Snow
35:23- SDC Radio Flash Back
35:32- David Lutalo - Amaaso Abiri
39:19- SDC No 17
39:29- Yolanda Hinton - My Little Angels
45:20- SDC No 16
45:29- Alkaline Trio - Clavicle
48:09- SDC No 15
48:18- Papa Satch - Driving Time
51:48- SDC Radio Flash Back
51:57- Dawg Gone Davis - Weight Of The World
56:01- SDC Radio Flash Back
56:10- Darrell Kelley - Police Brutality
60:10- SDC Radio Flash Back
60:19- RG's All Nite Funk Band ft Dianne Anderson - Something
64:40- SDC No 14
64:50- BBCC Bad Boy Chiller Crew - Needed You
67:30- SDC No 13
67:40- Drowning Effect - Electric Eyes 
72:15- SDC No 12
72:25- The DML Conspiracy - Butterfly Tattoo
75:51- SDC No 1 show 2
75:58- SDC No 11
76:08- The Sidleys - Break Your Fall


00:55- SDC Radio Flash Back
01:04- Heidi Tann - Missing You - StarMedia Radio One
05:41- SDC Radio Flash Back
05:50- Joe E. Daddario - I Wait In The Wind 
11:34- SDC No 30
11:43- Black Pontiac - November State Of Mind
15:07- SDC No 29
19:21- SDC No 28
19:30- Brittany Tews - Monsoon 
23:08- SDC Radio Flash Back
23:17- beanpole - Breakdown 
27:00- SDC Radio Flash Back
27:09- Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Diddy Wah Diddy 
29:40- SDC No 26
29:49- Tracy Newman And The Reinforcements - I Just See You 
33:53- SDC No 25
34:02- Catdra Catthien - The World Belongs To You
36:03- SDC No 24
36:13- Dana Macey - Lay Me Down
39:35- SDC No 23
39:45- Kama Linden - Past Tense Man
44:15- SDC Radio Flash Back
44:24- DC Da Messenger - Feel It
50:00- SDC Radio Flash Back
50:09- Adrianna Freeman - Back To Innocent
54:33- SDC No 22
54:43- Brandy Clark - Who You Thought I Was
57:49- SDC Radio Flash Back
57:58- Frankie Ervin of the Shields - You Cheated You Lied
60:19- SDC Radio Flash Back
60:28- Raggadat Cris feat. Lion Rezz - Gimme Love
64:40- SDC Radio Flash Back
64:49- Ghetto Nation - Desperate Measures
68:46- SDC Radio Flash Back
68:55- Annie Sidley - Would You? 
72:40- SDC No 1 show 3
72:48- SDC No 21
72:57- Dizzy Box Nine - DEEP INSIDE YOUR MIND 


00:53- SDC Radio Flash Back
01:02- Mary Wells - My Guy2
03:52- SDC Radio Flash Back
04:01- Lee Rogers - Country Fool
07:25- SDC No 40
07:34- Angel - Eugene Ebner-Jeremy Stolle
11:47- SDC No 39
11:56- Darrell Kelley - Because Of You
15:46- SDC No 38
15:56- Kissed- Shedrack Anderson
19:39- SDC No 37
19:49- Ethan Gruska - Enough For Now - Warner Bros.
23:00- SDC No 36
23:10- Chris Krause - God's Whispers (God's Whispers)
26:51- SDC No 35
27:01- Mac Miller - Good News
33:38- SDC No 34
33:48- Midpoint Union - Forgotten Places (New Turn)
36:53- SDC No 33
37:03- Nu Man Fatin - Cloud Nine (Cloud Nine (Single))
41:04- SDC No 32
41:14- Randy Jack - Driving Me Crazy Mp3 (When April Comes Around)
44:47- SDC No 1 show 4
44:55- SDC No 31
45:04- Riah - Keeps It Real - StarMedia Radio

SDC RadioWorks Top 50 Countdown for 2020 - (41-50) - Show 5

00:56- SDC Radio Flash Back
01:09- Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
05:08- SDC Radio Flash Back
05:17- Acapop! KIDS - High Horse - Warner Bros.
08:48- SDC SDC No - 50
08:57- Gino McKoy - Sensy Girl (Sensy Girl)
11:49- SDC SDC No - 49
11:59- Maja Kristina - Idiot (Idiot)
15:12- SDC SDC No - 48
15:22- Chris Krause - He's My Friend
19:17- SDC SDC No - 47
19:27- Kristina Lachaga - Hot Summer
22:23- SDC SDC No - 46
22:32- Nele B Wright - Lights On - StarMedia Radio
25:42- SDC SDC No - 45
25:52- Tracy Newman - So Many Letters
29:57- SDC SDC No - 44
30:06- Tarah Oliver - Beast Of Burden - SDC Radio One Remix
33:27- SDC SDC No - 43
33:37- Juelz - Addicted - StarMedia Radio One
37:08- SDC SDC No - 42
37:18- Q Simmz - Love Is You - StarMedia Radio
41:14- SDC No 1 show 5
41:22- SDC SDC No - 41
41:31- It's Floria - You Are Not A Mistake - StarMedia Radio One

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's Conference will be conducted virtually in 2020

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In the face of the continuing COVID-19 pressures, we want to let the full community radio family know that the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's Conference will be conducted virtually in 2020.
The virtual conference will run from Wednesday 28th October to Saturday 31st October 2020 and we’d love it if you would put these dates into your diary now, so you don't miss out.

We'll be sharing details about the program, speakers, and how to register soon, so stay tuned!

We are fully immersed in creating the most dynamic virtual conference experience for our members possible. Virtual attendees can expect the same great content that we were primed to deliver in Perth, so stay tuned. We’re going to structure this reimagined experience to fit everyone’s schedule and budget and there are going to be multiple options for joining us.

Sign up to receive announcements, including ticket sales and schedule information here.


The CBAA Team
Copyright © 2020 Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is: PO Box 564, Alexandria, NSW 1435
We're located at: Level 3, 44 - 54 Botany Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015

Friday, May 22, 2020


One night he woke up from a dream with the name Stonesilk on his lips.

A few months later Johan Sjöberg won a song competition (held by the Swedish magazine "Musiker Magasinet" and the radiostation "Rock Klassiker 106.7) with Stonesilk and the song "Can't reach her".

After that Johan wrote a lot of songs for Stonesilk with the goal to record an album. A few years before he had already released two albums with Token (for the German label MTM). Now he had to sell his apartement to buy a small recording studio, where he also lived for two years. He also wrote songs for other artists.

The album was finished and released by Johan him self. He took help from a manager to promote the album national. But the money began to end and later he had to give up his studio…

After a period of depression he now joined the band Roof Down as a lead singer. He also built nine recording studios by his own hands to rent out just to get some money. After that he decided to reopen the gates to Stonesilk…and here we are!

185 000 plays on Spotify in a few month..with no back up. The song is spreading. Some say it's a world hit..

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dubmatix & Prince Blanco

FATdrop digital music services promo
promo packshot
Artist: Dubmatix & Prince Blan
Title: Gonna Be Alright
Genre(s): Roots
Label: Renegade Studios

JUNO Award Winner for Best Reggae Recording (Canada)

Gonna Be Alright features UK-born Prince Blanco on vocals. Blanco and I spent many years collaborating including cover songs of The Sex Pistols, White Stripes, Elvis Presley, Desmond Dekker and more.

Prince Blanco (Mark Matthews) is an award-winning singer and musician based in Toronto Canada. Born and raised in the UK, he grew up heavily influenced by classic Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae music along with late '70s punk rock and the ska-fuelled 2-Tone sound.

Eventually relocating across the Atlantic, he became involved in the vibrant Canadian ska and reggae scenes, touring throughout the '90s as a drummer and vocalist with The Skanksters, releasing the acclaimed album ‘Dub Cookery’ (Simmerdown USA) in 1997. The group eventually morphed into the dub-conscious Boogiewall Soundsystem collective in 2001 where Blanco was featured heavily on their album ‘Super My Own Band’ (OhmGrown/Universal). From 2001 to 2004 he was a singer and percussionist with Carib-Funk big band, The Liquidaires, releasing three albums 'Amore', 'Lookin' Up' and 'Meeting Place' (MojoBrand/Independent).

Free download to listeners

Prince Blanco - Lyrics
Dubmatix - Music
Cover Art - Marina Matthews

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

music week magazine

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During these unprecedented times, the music industry faces enormous challenge and Music Week is here to help you in the way we always have, throughout our 60-year history. As you have taken an interest in our music portfolio, we are offering you a free digital trial for 4 weeks.  Sign up now and access vital music business information and exclusive insight into how the industry is going about its business, including during this coronavirus crisis.

For four whole weeks, you can:
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Friday, April 17, 2020

Gena Rose Bruce

Record of the Day - In tune. Informed. Indispensable.
In tune. Informed.

Thursday 16 April 2020


Gena Rose Bruce

Dot Dash

Released: Single & Album: Out now
Rearview - Gena Rose Bruce

We say

Drawing comparisons to Mazzy Star, Angel Olsen and Stevie Nicks is an Australian singer-songwriter Gena Rose Bruce. Her intoxicating brand of reverb-drenched, smoky dream-pop has been leaving audiences in Australia spellbound for the past year. Having just released her gorgeous debut album, Can’t Make You Love Me, here in the UK last month, we thought it was about time to introduce you to her with this fuzzy, upbeat, yet pensive track. Driven by sonorous, interweaving guitar lines that cascade over pastel synths - capturing the conflicting emotions within a break-up, Rearview is a stirring and total delight. Loved by Triple J in her homeland, she has already picked up global support from NPR, KEXP and KCRW in the US, as well as Radio X and The 405 here in Blighty. She has just signed to ATC Live, and was going to bring her mesmerising and smouldering live performance to SXSW and then the UK this May before the pandemic hit, so we will have to wait a bit longer to see her, but it will be worth the wait. Undeniably cool, with a voice you can easily get lost in, Gena Rose Bruce is an alternative star-in-the-making, and perhaps destined to appear on the Bang Bang Bar in Twin Peaks too.


Label: Dan Nevin, Dot Dash/Remote Control Records
Publishing: Remote Control Music
PR: Jo Donnelly, Proper Music Group
Live: UK/EU - Alice Hogg, ATC Live 
Management: Kate Adams, Fresh Air
  • Competition and Markets Authority starts investigation into sale of StubHub to Viagogo (see News)
  • Producer and songwriter management company Milk & Honey secures King's Cross office, signs Stuart PriceAndrew Jackson and M22, and appoints Harry Knyt. (MBW)
  • Eventbrite's CEO hints it could be pivoting back to a self-service ticketing product, following layoffs of 45% of its workforce. (Billboard
  • Independent entertainment company Better Noise Entertainment has launched Better Noise Films. It will develop feature films along with other programming and original content. (RotD)
  • The UK Competition and Markets Authority said that it has started an investigation into eBay's completed sale of StubHub to Viagogo to see whether the deal will lead to a competition issue. It has until 11 June to make a decision. The could ask the companies to allay competition concerns, potentially by selling parts of their UK operation. It could also launch a second inquiry that could ultimately result in the UK element of the deal being blocked altogether. (Guardian p31)
  • A free and open database to connect composers for film, TV and games with professional musicians able to record from home has been launched by The Ivors Academy. (RotD)
  • Reported yesterday, Mike Batt published a letter criticising UK Music’s appointment of Tom Watson. (CMU)
  • A California federal court has dismissed a lawsuit against YouTube over 'retaliatory' copyright strikes. DJ Short-E accused YouTube of failing to process DMCA counternotices after he threatened legal action. The court, however, concluded that YouTube rightfully terminated the DJ's account as it is not required to process counter-notices under the agreed terms of service. (TorrentFreak)
  • Art+Logic has launched Vibrary, an open-source AI tool made to analyse short samples and loops. (RotD
  • Music-tech company DroppTV is trying to bring interactive videos to viewers so they can buy merchandise right away. (RollingStone)
  • Tom KiehlUK Music's Acting CEO, urges the Chancellor to plug gaps in support for self-employed. (RotD) "An estimated 72% of our industry are self-employed workers and many of them face a real fight to stay afloat".
  • "If you don’t get too hung up on how it used to be, your business has a great shot at emerging stronger than ever before”. (MusicAlly - Pieter van Rijn, CEO of FUGA
  • Reach Music Publishing has entered into an exclusive worldwide administration deal with the estate of Romanthony covering the DJ, producer and singer’s full catalogue, including his share of One More Time by Daft Punk. (RotD)
  • 09.30 Radio 2 Ken Bruce - with Nick Mason
  • 17.00 DIYsolation with Glass Animals - Instagram 
    18.00 Ticketmaster Homecoming: At Home With Arlo Parks - Facebook 
    20.00 Oh Wonder - Instagram
    20.30 Frank Turner - Facebook
    22.45 Sam Smith and Demi Lovato - You Tube
  • Phil Taggart's Slacker Podcast 38: Alt-J 
    Riot Act: RR10 Massive Attack - Mezzanine
    George Ezra
     Phone A Friend Podcast 
  • The 2020 festival season is over – or is it? Some events are trying to postpone until autumn, but the odds aren’t looking good. (Guardian)
  • Since musicians began social distancing, distribution platforms that cater to unsigned acts are seeing huge surges in activity. (RollingStone)
  • How are the music industry and sync community mobilising to combat Coronavirus? (Synchtank)
  • Music can boost your productivity while working from home – here's how. (Guardian)
  • The music industry post 2020 depression: Here’s our recovery plan. (Synchtank)
  • The worrisome (lack of) infrastructure around livestreaming. (FirstFloor)
  • People are paying real money to get into virtual Zoom nightclubs. (Bloomberg) "Guests purchase tickets for $10, or can pay $80 for a private room to party alongside Instagram-famous DJs and burlesque dancers".
  • 'When I've tried to write about it, it's sounded meh' – George Ezra and more on coronavirus. (Guardian)
  • In a time of crisis, the magic of Pharrell's Happy is needed more than ever. (Guardian - Ben Beaumont-Thomas)
  • The album cover that ‘stank of urine’ – and helped The Who to ignite 1970s hard rock (Telegraph p23 - Neil McCormick) 
  • Declan McKenna says his new album is inspired by everyone from David Bowie and Bob Dylan to Abba and Robbie Williams. (BBC - Mark Savage) 
  • How Drake harnessed TikTok to slide to number one. (BBC - Alex Taylor)
  • KSI: 'My motto is this: prove people wrong' (iNews p3839- Nick Duerden) 
  • Rising Stars: TV People's thrilling lo-fi aesthetic harks back to the heady days of post-punk revival. (Star - Rory McKeown) 
  • The best concert films to recreate the gig experience at home: From Stop Making Sense to Homecoming (Standard p25 - Jochan Embley) 
  • First he changed the sound of popular music. Then he revolutionised fashion and sneakers. Now, Kanye West is redesigning the very building blocks of family life — food, clothing, and shelter. (GQ - Will Welch)
  • Charli XCX: "I kind of suit a global pandemic". (Popjustice - Peter Robinson)
  • Bruce Springsteen: where to start in his back catalogue. (Guardian - Laura Barton)
  • The writer-director Mike Judge’s comedies – from Office Space to Silicon Valley – always sum up the spirit of their times. So why has he made an LSD-soaked cartoon about George Clinton and Bootsy Collins? (Guardian2 p8-9 - Hadley Freeman)
  • B-Unique is suggesting the industry back the Fuel Our Frontline initiative to deliver essential groceries to hospital staff.
  • Andrea Bocelli’s live-streaming solo performance on Easter Sunday, streamed exclusively via YouTube from the Duomo in Milan, reached over 2.8m peak concurrent viewers, making it one of the biggest musical live-stream performances of all time. (Variety)
  • Selena Gomez has filed a $10m lawsuit against the makers of a mobile game, alleging that it rips off her likeness and those of other celebrities. (Variety)
  • Larmer Tree festival's 30th anniversary event, due to be held in July, has been cancelled.
  • Kanye West has revealed he was a ‘functioning alcoholic’ and drank vodka in the morning. (Independent
  • Fatboy Slim will be performing a free concert for NHS and frontline workers at the Brighton Centre on 28 October.
  • Ellie Goulding and TaP Music come together with Crisis to secure 400 phones for people affected by homelessness during the coronavirus outbreak. (RotDSun p20, iNews p13)
  • Paul McCartney has reignited his rivalry with the Rolling Stones, saying the Beatles were better. (Sun p27)
  • Paul McCartney says it was too painful to keep The Beatles going after John Lennon left. (Express p30, Mirror p17) 
  • Demi Lovato says she was "thankful" for fans' love after her near-fatal overdose in 2018. (Standard p11)
  • JB Gills says he is enjoying the coronavirus lockdown as he gets to spend quality time with his family and that the forthcoming JLS tour will be great to let your hair down. (Star p22)
  • Queen guitarist Brian May has cited meat-eating as the cause of the coronavirus, although a scientific consensus about the origin of the disease is yet to be reached. (Independent
  • Matt Goss says he is going to run for Prime Minister when he turns 60. (Mirror p24)
  • Rita Ora is to take part in the One World: Together at Home online festival celebrating healthcare workers worldwide. (Standard p16)
  • Reported yesterday, Rita Ora is under fire for spending the lockdown in a holiday home rental in the Cotswolds after telling fans to 'stay home'. (Mail p29, Sun p17)
  • Sun BizarreJesy Nelson has revealed Little Mix's next single is to be another girl-power anthem and teased a possible collab with Anne-Marie. Kanye West has said in an interview with GQ magazine that he has been battling alcoholism. Harry Styles has been pampering himself in lockdown with face masks. Taylor SwiftJ-Lo, and Sam Smith have been added to Lady Gaga's One World Together at Home concert. A snippet of new material from Dave was teased on Instagram by his friend Jussy Cash. Ellie Goulding and TaP Music have joined forces with charity Crisis to provide 400 mobile phones to the homelessness. Beverley Knight and Joss Stone have joined a group of more than 100 musicians to raise cash for NHS charities. Dua Lipa poses for US Elle magazine's May issue.  
  • Star WiredElbow miss each other so much that they have created a virtual pub to keep connected. Kanye West says he has kicked the booze after it started to become a problem. Dua Lipa is the cover star of the May issue of US Elle magazine. Tinashe's ex thought her new track Songs for You was about him, which it wasn't. The Rolling Stones saxophonist Tim Ries reckon the band will keep rocking for years to come. Paul McCartney FaceTimed Billie Eilish to tell her how much he loves her music. Beverley Knight has put together an NHS Relief single featuring Joss Stone. Travis Scott's collab with Rosalia has been delayed due to the pandemic. The Vamps star James McVey has filmed a virtual workout as part of Level Fitness' Move At Home Series. 
  • Metro Guilty PleasuresDua Lipa reveals in the May issue of US Elle magazine that the first thing she will do after the lockdown is to 'have all my friends over and cook a big meal'. Beverley Knight has recorded a cover of the Bill Withers track Lean On Me for the NHS.  
  • Erza Furman: Sex Education OST (Metro p18 - 4* David Bennun)
  • Live events may not be resuming in either Los Angeles or New York City until 2021, according to the mayors of both cities. (Billboard)
  • In Belgium, all major festivals have been banned until 31 August. (IQ)
  • According to German newspaper Bild, festivals in the country are expected to be banned until 31 August. (Google)
  • Mashable beats a lawsuit by convincing a judge that it legitimately used an image on Instagram. (HR)
  • Google has announced the creation of a Journalism Emergency Relief Fund to support local newsrooms around the world. (Google)
  • Re: The controversial “library” through which the Internet Archive distributed books without the permission of the authors or publishers. "a form of voluntarism that requires no sacrifice on their part". (Medium - Neil Turkewitz)
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